the itty bitty of dream

It’s 0647 in the morning, I drag myself out of bed. Awoken by a dream even earlier than that, my body is heavy and reluctant to the idea of waking up when it’s still dark (I decided to not have curtain in my room so I can get sufficient bright and sun) I believe I should be the first one in the house to notice when morning comes.

I managed to convince myself that I will go back to bed after the loo, only to find out later that the conversation I had with my colleague during lunch has reminded me to write down “what I want in life”. It was his idea that I should do that. He did that for his life and here he is.

In the midst of writing this, I switch to my smart phone and watch some unfinished drama from last night 甜孙爷爷 which subsequently led me to listen to the tune of Tiny Desk Concert. By this, I am convinced that I really am easily distracted – one of the 23 traits of an introvert, read more about and find out if you’re an introvert by the Huffington Post here.

Going back to why I decided to start my first post of lifeittybitty with this entry, in my dream I was in the middle of making a greeting card with installation of used materials and some beans, nuts and seeds; something that is tangible unlike the usual 2D greetings card of old which are available on the shelf, although there might be some that are already going into 3D.

I have not been writing for so long that I am out of word now, or I just could not get my mind to pull every word together to form a sentence simply because I am too distracted by the many thoughts that are currently running on my mind right now. I shall come back and write with more clarity, maybe later, maybe tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow. I need to get a desk first.


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