My Dad

I called dad tonight. Actually I missed his call, and then I called him back. For the first time in my life, I felt he is not stingy anymore. He has been stingy all his life, towards mom and us his children. But tonight he told me he wants me to encourage my sister to complete her degree and he will pay for it if she doesn’t have enough. I felt so comforted, even though the offer was not addressed to me, but I am glad that he has turned into a generous man.

In the middle of our conversation, he mentioned about the amount that he and mom paid for my degree 8 years ago. Come to think of it, he was not that stingy after all, he supported me all the way from kindergarten through university, athough the initiative was strongly coming from mom for me to go to uni and get that super expensive degree. Whenever I think about how much my parent saved, sacrificed and gave in to “earn” that stupi* degree, I felt so underachieve, with my current state of life and financial status. I should be getting more than I am getting and help pay my siblings education. But how much is enough? What is enough?

And he asked me how am I doing with post-surgical recovery and advised me not to walk too much. He wasn’t that caring before, in fact he hated sick people, and scolded people like crazy, I still remember how he scolded my sister who got stung by centipede when she was little. He is different now. Thank You God that my dad is a changed man now. Whatever You did to him (or his heart), I thank You for my dad, for who he was and is now. I am praying for his utmost salvation, have mercy on him God, have mercy…


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