Mom and Grandma

Today is revolutionary.  I wouldn’t believe it myself that I got up before my alarm goes off this morning. Although it was only 15mins difference, but I got to reap the benefit of reaching office early and the time to write this down now.

I dreamed about mom last night; in the dream my siblings and I were looking at our childhood photos and the occasion was Chinese New Year. As we were flipping through those albums (yes the physical photo albums,  not digital ones), mom says something which doesn’t sound very nice to me and I quickly responded by saying “no, that’s not true, you know that we will never outgrow you as your children, we will always be your children and it’s CNY, that is not something auspicious to talk about”. I have no memory of whether or not she responded.

I also dreamed about grandma (maternal), the dream setting however is different from mom’s. I just finished work and walking out of my office building, at this junction to bus stop, I saw this lady in her 50s talking to someone I know (but I couldn’t recall who this person was), when I took a closer look at this lady, I was so shock to find out that she looks exactly like my late grandmother, except for her weird upper teeth. She dresses like grandma too, but I did not get a chance to talk to her, so I can’t tell if she sounded like her. Before I left them, I told her “you look like my grandma, my grandma wears clothes like yours too”, pointing to her blouse and sarong; she smiled without saying a word. Then I woke up.


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