My sister is getting married!!!

During a lunch break, I received a text from lil sis that she’s engaged, together with her text, she sent us the shot with a ring on her finger.
Her boyfriend, Dany* proposed during their holiday in Melbourne. I was and very happy for her, I was in the “is this really happening now?” feeling for a moment but tried to keep my composure in the public 🙂

I wanted to let her know that I share her happiness, that I celebrate with her and for her, so I called, but no answer 😦
On my walk back to office, I kept thinking about the life of my sister, I came to realize about one thing among many others that differentiate us, it is that she took control over her own life, what she wants her life to be; she is bold enough to change what she doesn’t like with her life, she doesn’t just talk about it, or complain about it, but she takes action. She makes things happens. She makes life happens to her and for her.

And then I think about myself, I have been in this job, this industry for a long 6 years, coming to 7 now. I was and am not happy with it, I complain about it, but I did nothing about it. I am stuck. I want a higher salary, I want a job that brings meaning and satisfaction, fun working life, environment and work culture, but I did not start taking steps towards changing what I don’t like into what I like. At times, I believe I know I need to, I have to, but I just did not. That’s the difference between us.

Now I am starting to see my youngest sister also is trying hard to do that, to fight for her life, for the life that she wants.

Why didn’t I?
If now is not too late to change, to shift, to steer to another direction, why do I not?
What is stopping me?
Am I afraid? What am I afraid of?
If I know that I will not fail, why do I not try?
If I fail, what is the worst that will happen to me? Can I take that worst scenario?
Can I take that worst scenario and start something new?

I know this is supposed to be about my sister wedding, why did I end up talking about myself?

Okay back to wedding, today’s sermon is liberating (I will post the link here once the audio is up on church’s website)
It’s liberating because it talks about singleness in a way that was never been presented before. The best part is when the preacher says all the married couple needs to give the singles people a break by stopping their agendas to fix up a single with another single, and to stop asking single people when are they getting married during Chinese New Year’s visit. I can imagine how many singles nod in agreement in regards to these two familiar scenarios.


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