How far could a smell take you?

I washed my foundation brush a couple of days ago, now that it is all dried up, I was about to keep it. As I go about doing that, I bring it closer to my nose to take a sniff at it and I was instantly being brought back to a very familiar smell; the smell of a powder that my mother used to put on me when I was little (I am sure on my sisters too), especially during Chinese New Year. This powder served none other than what we called today as a foundation.

As I was recalling the scenes and the powder, a powder that does the little magic at a very affordable price, I just suddenly thought of how proud and happy my mom would be if she is still around. How proud she would be towards my little sister’s achievements in Make-Up and in life, how she has been transformed into a young lady. No longer is she the youngest whom my mother worry about most of the times, but a full grown up being, who is capable of running her own life and chasing after her dreams.

And how happy she would have been to find out that I now put on make-up too myself. These scenes are simply overwhelming that I can’t help but to pen them down. As I contemplate about this, I told myself one thing; that I will try my best to pen down whatever emotions that came through a thought, a smell, a scene, a sound, a taste, a line that I read from a book, a clip that I watched or a conversation that I heard, anything, just anything that brings back my memory about mom, I will try to pen them down there and then, instead of letting it pass. And hopefully, after a period of time, I would have a collection of my own version of “memories with mom” 🙂

Here’s the pic of the powder aforementioned, I managed to find one on the net, thanks to Google. The packaging has since changed.


And here’s the pic of my brush



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