to act or not to act

Today I went to one of the panel clinic for some medical needs, as I was waiting for my turn, I noticed a boy who is also waiting for his turn to be called in. He looks really really sick, could hardly stand.  I have a strong feeling of speaking up for him, i.e. approaching the clinic staff and request that the boy be seen first.  But in the end I didn’t, I cowarded. Fortunately, there was a man, another patient who did. I am glad that he did and the boy was called soon after he talked to the clinic staff. I blamed myself, had I not been selfishly coward, the boy could’ve gone to see the doctor even earlier and perhaps gone home with his medicine and rested. This thought, this scene of me not doing anything when I felt the urge inside, oh I hate it, I hate myself for not speaking up for others, for not having enough courage, for being late to realize which is of more important (hesitancy vs people’s life) 

Now as the day is coming to end, I still think about this incident. I have switched off the light and ready for bed. But as soon as I lay myself down, the episode in the clinic flashes in again, so I decided to post an entry about it.

I promise to be more courageous and bold than today when I encounter similar scenarios in the future, I am sure there will be many, for the tomorrows that yet to come.


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