Farewell to the great man…

Today is a very emotional day for me. I have always been wishing that Mr. Lee would make it to this year’s SG50 NDP, but today that wish will just have to stay as a wish. The great man has passed on this morning. My heart is deeply saddened. 

When I logged on to Facebook this morning in the office, my newsfeed was flooded with news about his passing on. The moment I started to read or see images of him, tears started to roll down. It was quite a handful because I was in the office, I haven’t seen any Singaporean shed a tear yet, in fact it was not as widely conversed (maybe it’s just my office with majority of non-Singaporean employees) .In my team alone, it was only me and my colleague, a Singaporean Malay, he told me he’s so sad. When we went out for lunch, we were just looking at our phones and reading about his news, minimum talking.

When the crying got worse, I told myself to stop reading and save it until I get home later. So I did and here’s how my eyes look like after a series of crying having read the articles I found on the web and some YouTube videos.

Other than the time when I lost my mother in November 2009 (with heavy head, blocked nose and hurt vision/eyes), this is the second time I cried this much mourning over somebody’s death. It’s weird I know because I am not even a Singaporean to begin with.


pardon the look, the mess. not in the mood for a pretty selfie 😦

Farewell Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, rest in peace.


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