Mourning Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

In the span of 8years of being a Facebook user, I don’t really update my profile photo that much, probably 3photos. But today I felt compelled to update it to Mr. Lee’s photo that JJ Lin posted on his timeline.

I’ve never had any cover photo before either, so I thought today would be an opportune time to put up one. 

As I browse through Google Images, I couldn’t help to hold back my tears.
Although I have never known this man personally, but I somehow I just couldn’t help. 

It was emotional. 

It is inconvenient because I am in the office, I went to the ladies, cried and stayed a bit and thought to myself, I will take sometime to mourn after work, when I get home, in my room. 

Among many others that say of him like visionary, insightful and strong leader etc, what I admire most is him being a family man. A loving husband to his wife and father to his children. Here’s an example as described by Mr. Goh Chok Tong

All I know about him was what I got from the media. I found a blog and will read it tonight

PM Lee’s is grieved beyond words




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