kindness in Singapore

Until December 2013, I have never heard of this person Eden Ang. My sister was telling me about him when my dad and I visited her (and the other sister) in Sydney that same year. Subsequently I started to take notice of him on youtube for the many funny videos that he and his fellow friends put up. Today as I read about his encounter here I am once again encouraged by this little yet powerful kindness I found in Singapore.

Having lived here for 7years, I heard many comments about how unkind Singaporean could be, from what I read on the Media to the nay comments amongst the commoners of the everydays, and of course my first hand encounters; truth to be told, yes there are kind Singaporeans around and alive amongst the not-so-kind ones.

Although it would not overturn all Singaporeans to be as equally kind as Mr. Lim, but I hope this story helps to shed a beam in shifting from the much opinionated judgement on Singaporean being unkind in one way or another. Besides, sometimes you can’t really tell if those unkind creatures are really Singaporean or just foreigners who reside on the land (or island)


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