Happy Mother’s Day Mom…

I skipped church today, unknown to me if I did it to run away from the emotion that would outpour during the Mother’s Day segment. Nonetheless, I went to sit by the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in the evening. True enough there is a celebration by local musicians, free gig for all, with songs honoring all mothers. 

Mom has always like stage performance as long as I can remember, looking at all the old photos of her in events and performances tells me just that. Singapore has with it many trails I walked with mom, places we’ve been together, scenic areas and tourist spots with her in the photos. Every time I pass by those places, I will recall the moments where we once were, just like déjà vu. Every time I watch a stage performance, I will remember how she loved stage performance, and that has made me watch with double the enthusiasm, double the excitement simply because I want to watch it on her behalf. I don’t know since when, but I have had this idea for a while now, after she passed on, to watch on her behalf.

Many songs were sang tonight at the Esplanade, but I only manage to record two, due to my flat battery. So here’s Ode to my Family and Have I Told You Lately dedicated to my irreplaceable Mother. I love you and I miss you…

Typical Asian Family doesn’t really express feelings and appreciations openly and verbally, my family is certainly one of this kind. My siblings and I did not grow up celebrating the many “days” of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Birthday. Those “days” were foreign to me during my younger years. Until I was probably 18 or so, they were introduced to me through people who celebrate them and the commercials of course, I felt somewhat alienated at times. This trend however has slowly creeps its way into the lives of today’s Asian Families. Looking at the flood of Mother’s Day posts on social media, one would agree with me on this. And earlier tonight, I witnessed how Asian kids wrote real heartfelt dedication notes to their mothers being read out loud on stage by David, one of the performer. Alas, had I become more verbal, expressive in addressing my feelings and less of an ignoramus oblivious perhaps oh perhaps could I have had the chance to observe Mother’s Day together with Mom at least once in her lifetime, and mine.

The girls and I love you and miss you… Mom. Always. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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