what i learn from taking buses

I was running late for work this morning. As I leave the house, I quickly grabbed my cellphone checking when’s the next #45 coming, 2mins and 4mins. 2 mins interval from each other, super rare. I walked fast, albeit by the time I reached the bus stop, I check the bus app again, it showed arriving in 14mins. Where were the bus? I didn’t even see any in the near vicinity, both bus 45 should still be there in the traffic, among the many lining cars.
Contemplating that I was really gonna be late, I tried checking bus #66, arriving in 10mins, so I dropped that option altogether. As I continue waiting, many buses arrived; I was thinking to myself, how good would it be if I could just take any bus “first” and make the necessary turn or route change or detour “later”? Will this work really? Me being me, straight away turned down the illogical thought. Are you crazy? Which person in the right mind would think and do that? Out of question, it is an impossible attempt. In life, I cannot just take any “bus” hoping to reach my destination, sure I will get someplace somewhere sometime, but not “there – my so called intended/desired destination. If I know that I wouldn’t get “there” with just any bus, but specific bus, the next course of action would be to determine which bus would take me “there”, wait and board.
Like many things in life, waiting is never an easy job because it takes time. In the process of it, there will be many buses that come before it and together with the temptation to board them. What I need is clarity, knowing which bus to take and wait for, patience and determination to wait for my bus and to not compromise to take just any bus “first” hoping that it will get me to my destination. Be real instead of hopeful.

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