another random dream

This morning I woke up with a dream of an empty wooden summer house on the water, the interior walls are dominated by bluish colour, with very little furniture or almost none. 
In the dream, there were two friends who came to visit me. When the first one she arrived, I received her with much gladness as I have been expecting her, it was a long planned meeting. On the contrary when the other one arrived, I find it incovenient for her to come without prior notice, because clearly I was having a guess with me (in the dream) 
The second friend was wearing whitey-creamy cheongsam with strong red & blue flowers motives and she evern wore make-up too (she normally doesn’t, in real life) I couldn’t remember what I told her exactly, but I wanted her to come back some other day, with heavy heart because I could sense that she came to look for me because she wanted to have a break from the baby, her new born.
I continued to talk with the first friend, she was telling me about her experiences in life and what she has learnt out of it all. One line which I could remember quite clearly (probably what woke me up) was “God gives youth to everyone, what we need to do with it, is to cherish it while you still can”
Towards the end of my dream, I realized that these two friends were my high school classmates, Yanita and Lifah.



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