if I were born here

I was having a conversation with two Singaporean colleagues; quite obviously they are pro opposition. One was vocal and enthusiastic on the topic of government, while the other suggest him to stop so as not poison me with his ideology of an ideal government; to which I unhesitatingly replied “I won’t be influenced with your political view”. With that, they kind of read that I am pro government. I told them, you can say what you say because you haven’t see what the world outside (of Singapore) is like.

Later today I was having late dinner at People’s Park Complex, after meeting my dad. To my surprise, I found myself listening to a group of senior folks talking  (in Teochew) about the same topic of the Lee family, I always thought that it is the younger generation who are not so in tune with the governmet, but here are the senior generations who saw how Singapore has transformed from third to first world country, singing to the same tunes as the youngsters. They even argue about the prominent success Singapore has isn’t even Lee Kuan Yew’s idea; i.e. the CPF system was already in place during the British Colony’s era, perhaps life could have been better if British still rule Singapore til this day and about the water that they drink is the result of PUB engineers, it has nothing to do with the Lees.  I was reminded of the statement I made to my colleagues earlier today,  I wish I could tell them the same.

Having came from a thirld world country and travelled to different parts of the world, I still think Singapore is a nice place to be. If I were born here, I wonder if I would have an entirely different appreciation of what Singapore once was and now is, just like my colleagues and the senior folks. I hope I won’t.


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