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Gratitute List

2015 Jan – 2016 June

  1. Affordable Air tix for SIN-SYD for 4pax (Flying SQ woohoo…)
  2. Able to get one month leaves for Dev’s Wedding in Dec 2015
  3. Have enough, more than enough to spend to during one month in Sydney
  4. Able to meet my high school buddy in Melbourne for a few days, good catch up after 9years
  5. Met Wongfu Productions in Sydney
  6. Pay raise
  7. Completed Cisco course although has not yet taken the certification
  8. Enrolled in a Japanese course, taught by a dedicated せんせい & nice classmates
  9. Was offered a job internally before it was posted on internal job board
  10. Got the job with a relatively good package
  11. New colleagues are nice, helpful and knowledgeable
  12. New Manager is manageable so far
  13. The capacity to help Melan’s sponsorship to study in Sydney
  14. BBTC & Agape
  15. Given a house near MRT, amenities, at affordable rate, with reasonable housemates, easy going and manageable roommate
  16. Direct Bus from Sengkang Interchange to Office
  17. Sengkang Park within 15mins walk, conveniently available for walk/jog after work
  18. Reasonable bus journey from house-BBTC (SBS 109 + 168 takes about 45mins – 1hr)
  19. Got a Macbook Pro at a discounted price (thank you Brendan)
  20. Dad and siblings in good health

Remembering my late mother

I just finished my chinese class, walking down the NTU Alumni’s narrow path heading to the train station. It’s 10pm in the evening, my body almost zonk out, my mind quickly thought of getting a cab home. As I was thinking in my head, why did I even want to get myself into this; offering my Tuesdays and Thursdays to a three hours class after a long day work, every week, and taking an hour plus journey and got home almost midnight, I suddenly think of my mother, of her fighting spirit and sacrificial love for us her children. When she was my age, just how many countless ship rides, boat rides, bus rides (poor condition and non-airconditioning) and inconvenient walks under rain and shine she has been through. I stopped the grumbling within and continued my walk to the train station. And the overwhelming thoughts and memories of her just kept flowing. I have been missing my mom since last week. I am not saying that I did not miss her other than last week. In fact I remember her all the time. But sometimes I just do not have the courage to respond to my feelings, to contemplate on my thoughts and to pen down the emotions at the times they came.

Those ships rides from Pemangkat-Serasan, Pemangkat-Pulau, Pemangkat-Subi and some other routes that I never know of were awful. It was 10 or more hours rides. The only memory I could remember out of those long rides were my anticipation of going home to see mom, once a year during school break. But compare to mom, my total ship rides would not even amount to 5% of what she performed.

Those small boat rides were the least safe rides imaginable, not few people got drown and died due to sinking boats and minimum rescue assistance. And it was during this small boat rides that I usually threw out, the engine smoke and smell itself was enough to make you feel sick, plus the seasick, it was always a journey of torture, it took about 3-4hours rides depending on the weather and sea condition. But the expectation of seeing mom was my motivation to endure all those long haul torturing rides.
Again compare to mom, these small boat rides, I don’t even dare to estimate how many percent would mine make up to, as she travels to other small islands like Subi, Midai, Serasan, Batu Berlian, Tarempa, Sematan (Malaysia) and countless others.

The bus rides, poor condition bus, without aircond, with two kenets (not sure how to pronoun this) hanging on each doors, the bus doors were never closed in fact, growing up riding countless bus/minibus to school, I could testify to just how much inconvenience my mother had to endure during her travels.

We did not own a house or any motor cycle or any car in West Kalimantan, not until my parent bought a house in early 2000 or so, and until today we only own one motor cycle, so mom either walk or took the public transport back then. I can still vividly recall my memory of childhood walking with mom, across streets and alleys to buy stuffs to be resell at our shop in pulau (pulau panjang). Through rains and shines we walked, she walked I shall say. When things got too handful, she will pay for a trishaw ride (by human power).
Those were the days when we stayed over at mom’s relatives at Singkawang and friends at Pemangkat.

I just reached home, I was typing this along my train ride from Buona Vista station-Bedok Station and Bus ride from Bedok Station-my rented place, all with vehicle of good condition, safe and air-conditioned.
Remembering mom made me realize that I should be grateful and appreciative of my current condition. I am not saying that we should not take cab at all, but really to take time and pause for a little, to count what we have that our parents or previous generation did not have or consider a luxury.

Remebering mom, writing all these definitely bring tears to my eyes. But also joy of being reminded how blessed and fortunate I am to have a mother like her. Missing you mom, always…

The healing click

It’s Saturday, I am off work today. I haven’t been in church for two or three weeks. One week for Cell Retreat, one week I slept over 5pm, or I was just being lazy.  So knowing that I have work tomorrow, I make it a point to attend Saturday Service today.

After the sermon, Sr. Pastor says “someone needs a physical healing for your heart, a physical healing”. I was taken a back, I remembered what Jul told me about the word of knowledge on irregular heartbeat and thinking to myself, and this week too? I am not sure if there will be other people with heart problem that needed healing, but I went up to be prayed for anyway.
Today I became friend on Facebook with Shi Hua Tan and guess what she was praying for me just now with another friend of hers. As she prayed I started to tear already, in the middle of the prayer, I took a deep breath and felt a “click” in my heart as I inhale/exhale. After Shihua prayed for me, her friend took over and mentioned two bible verses, “cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you” and “present to God your petition and His peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (paraphrasing)
After the prayer, I felt like asking if there is anyone else with heart problem, just to confirm that the word of knowledge was really for me, but in the end I didn’t, instead I just thanked the two ladies who prayed for me.

In the bus 168 to Tampines, I was thinking how can I be sure if I am really healed so that I can cancel my scheduled surgery? But then I think again, no I should receive it as a healing from God first and then verify later. So I texted my cellgroup about my encounter and requested them to pray with and for me – everybody was very encouraging. I was still wondering about if there will be some other people who went up to be prayed for their heart problem, but then i remembered what Sr. Pastor says about “not being double-minded” so I stopped there and thought even if there are other people who have heart problem, God can still heal 2 or 3 at the same time, and this realization makes me feel being really “looked after” by God.

Come to think of it, all the songs being sang today were about healing. I did not notice about this until after the service was over, took a bus to Tampines, eating beef burger at Wendys, this is how slow I could be at times 🙂

I do not go up for altar call everytime, for the longest time I am in BBTC, probably about 5times or so. But this time is super personal. So if you hear something personal, or close to personal or just relevant, by all means please go up. I hope my encounter encourage you to hope in the God who heals and to go up to be prayed for when needed 🙂

From: someone with physicall heart condition whom God healed (is healing)

My sister

Today I texted my sister that I might be going for an operation for my heart. She called not long after. She just cried over the phone in the middle of our conversation, saying that it could be dangerous. I am so so touched. We stopped and not talking at all for awhile. I teared too. But I tried to sound cheerful and positive, telling her that everything will be okay, she just need to pray for me. She says she wants be here when it takes place. I said she should save for year end vacation. But she insisted. I am so so touched. I know this might look like a very common scene in life, my sister and I did not live together growing up. There was and is distance between us, but this incident really warmth my heart. I am grateful that God gave sister 🙂