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Gratitute List

2015 Jan – 2016 June

  1. Affordable Air tix for SIN-SYD for 4pax (Flying SQ woohoo…)
  2. Able to get one month leaves for Dev’s Wedding in Dec 2015
  3. Have enough, more than enough to spend to during one month in Sydney
  4. Able to meet my high school buddy in Melbourne for a few days, good catch up after 9years
  5. Met Wongfu Productions in Sydney
  6. Pay raise
  7. Completed Cisco course although has not yet taken the certification
  8. Enrolled in a Japanese course, taught by a dedicated せんせい & nice classmates
  9. Was offered a job internally before it was posted on internal job board
  10. Got the job with a relatively good package
  11. New colleagues are nice, helpful and knowledgeable
  12. New Manager is manageable so far
  13. The capacity to help Melan’s sponsorship to study in Sydney
  14. BBTC & Agape
  15. Given a house near MRT, amenities, at affordable rate, with reasonable housemates, easy going and manageable roommate
  16. Direct Bus from Sengkang Interchange to Office
  17. Sengkang Park within 15mins walk, conveniently available for walk/jog after work
  18. Reasonable bus journey from house-BBTC (SBS 109 + 168 takes about 45mins – 1hr)
  19. Got a Macbook Pro at a discounted price (thank you Brendan)
  20. Dad and siblings in good health

三十岁的我对于迷茫,失落,自卑等有过无数次地深感。每当这种感觉来领的时候,自己仿佛丢失了什么。又或许是我一直在寻找自己从来没拥有过的东西。人活着到底为了什么?每天早上起床,上下班,吃饭,回家,休息,睡觉,在重复。有时候我会跟自己说,可能生活太routined了,是不是应该去找些什么乐趣之类,又或许应该去找个伴什么的, 一个能懂我,我也懂他这么的一个人。



another random dream

This morning I woke up with a dream of an empty wooden summer house on the water, the interior walls are dominated by bluish colour, with very little furniture or almost none. 
In the dream, there were two friends who came to visit me. When the first one she arrived, I received her with much gladness as I have been expecting her, it was a long planned meeting. On the contrary when the other one arrived, I find it incovenient for her to come without prior notice, because clearly I was having a guess with me (in the dream) 
The second friend was wearing whitey-creamy cheongsam with strong red & blue flowers motives and she evern wore make-up too (she normally doesn’t, in real life) I couldn’t remember what I told her exactly, but I wanted her to come back some other day, with heavy heart because I could sense that she came to look for me because she wanted to have a break from the baby, her new born.
I continued to talk with the first friend, she was telling me about her experiences in life and what she has learnt out of it all. One line which I could remember quite clearly (probably what woke me up) was “God gives youth to everyone, what we need to do with it, is to cherish it while you still can”
Towards the end of my dream, I realized that these two friends were my high school classmates, Yanita and Lifah.