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Gratitute List

2015 Jan – 2016 June

  1. Affordable Air tix for SIN-SYD for 4pax (Flying SQ woohoo…)
  2. Able to get one month leaves for Dev’s Wedding in Dec 2015
  3. Have enough, more than enough to spend to during one month in Sydney
  4. Able to meet my high school buddy in Melbourne for a few days, good catch up after 9years
  5. Met Wongfu Productions in Sydney
  6. Pay raise
  7. Completed Cisco course although has not yet taken the certification
  8. Enrolled in a Japanese course, taught by a dedicated せんせい & nice classmates
  9. Was offered a job internally before it was posted on internal job board
  10. Got the job with a relatively good package
  11. New colleagues are nice, helpful and knowledgeable
  12. New Manager is manageable so far
  13. The capacity to help Melan’s sponsorship to study in Sydney
  14. BBTC & Agape
  15. Given a house near MRT, amenities, at affordable rate, with reasonable housemates, easy going and manageable roommate
  16. Direct Bus from Sengkang Interchange to Office
  17. Sengkang Park within 15mins walk, conveniently available for walk/jog after work
  18. Reasonable bus journey from house-BBTC (SBS 109 + 168 takes about 45mins – 1hr)
  19. Got a Macbook Pro at a discounted price (thank you Brendan)
  20. Dad and siblings in good health

Saturday is the day

Saturday and Sunday are the days where I feel “hsien” about life. “Why?”, you might ask; reason being these two days are the less busy days in the entire work week. In normal weekdays, I dun even have time to go to toilets. But in weekends I have some space to let my mind wanders and when it comes to that, the feeling of “oh I am such an underachiever”, the disatisfaction with my life will creep in. Today I went out for lunch with the Senior Database Engineer colleague, he says that I shouldn’t waste my talent in language by working in the IT field, I should get a job in Sales or something in the Business Line. I responded casually “yeah I know right, I thought about that one too, but I just dunno how and where to start”. I speak 5 languages and 3 dialects; English, Indonesian, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien and Teochew

What should I do? Where do I start the journey of switching?
I ever thought of going abroad too, starting my own business.
Doing something totally different doesn’t scare me that much actually. My biggest problem is I dunno what I want. I lack self-awareness and clarity.